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How to Relieve Back Pain with Active, On the Go “VerteCore Lift™” Decompression 

The VerteCore Lift provides on-the-go spinal decompression to help relieve back pain without drugs or surgery!  Call us to learn more (601) 807-2148

Learn how to deal with back pain problems by enlisting the help from the Vertecore Lift™, which provides mobile, on-the-go spine decompression. 

If you are looking for true relief from back pain, look no further. Our high quality dual brace provides both support and a mechanism which facilitates spinal decompression to help with many forms of back pain, because decompression really works.

Plus, you can conveniently wear it almost anywhere. Whether staying home, at the office, or getting some fresh air while doing lite exercise. Relief now goes where it’s needed. The Vertecore Lift™ is portable, convenient and effective. Guaranteed or your money back!

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