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How VerteCore Lift™ Works

How VerteCore Lift™ Decompression Works


VerteCore Lift Helps Manage Pain by Decompressing the Spine and Relieving Bulging Discs, Pinched Nerves, Sciatica and/or SI Joint Dysfunction

The VerteCore Lift is a dual-brace decompression belt that consists of Thoracic (top) and Lumbar (lower) back brace. These two braces are connected through an adjustable decompression jack on either side of the body. Each jack has a handle that extends and when activated(stroked), exerts pressure to securely stretch out the spine. Some clients describe this exciting experience as growing inches taller.

Side View of VerteCore Lift and Ratcheting Technologies

To put the VerteCore Lift on, simply grab one of the Velcro straps of our decompression belt, and wrap it around your upper chest underneath your underarms. The lower belt wraps around your torso just above your hips. Adjustable drawstrings, featuring a convenient thumb-ring, are used to tighten the braces snugly to body’s core.

Front View of VerteCore Lift and Ratcheting Technologies

As mentioned above, positioned vertically underneath your arms, there are two decompression stems. You simply grab the latch, press down on the thumb release button to free the charging handles, and jack it up as if you would jack a car up, through a ratchet system. This separates the two belts and helps decompress the spine.

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